Samsung release video of the Exynos 1080 cheipset1

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Samsung release video of the Exynos 1080 cheipset

Exynos 1080 is the latest chipset from Samsung which is built using 5nm EUV FinFET process technology. Samsung revealed more information about this chipset via a video on YouTube.

Two weeks ago, Samsung introduced its newest mobile chipset, Exynos 1080. Through its presentation, the South Korean electronics giant confirmed that the Exynos 1080 is an evolution of the Exynos 980. In addition, Exynos 1080 is Samsung's first chipset built on the 5nm EUV FinFET technology.

Yes! This was revealed by Samsung online without any surprises. Now, Samsung has posted videos on its YouTube channel. This time, Samsung is no longer closed to highlighting all the cool specs and features of the Exynos 1080.

Of course, the thing that Samsung is most proud of about its new chipset is 5G modem support. In theory, the 5G modem that Samsung has embedded into the Exynos 1080 can reach speeds of up to 5.1 Gbps on the Sub-6GHz NR network.

Not only that, the smartphone that will later be manned by Exynos 108 can also take advantage of the latest NPU for AI. Samsung also pointed out that the latest Octa-core CPU support included in this chipset can take the device "beyond mobile computing".

It is not just a one-sided claim in this regard. The reason is, the Exynos 1080 has used a strong Cortex-A78 core and can deliver "more artistic graphics" thanks to the Mali-G78 GPU. By comparison, the Exynos 990 carries only a less impressive powerful core and previous-generation graphics unit.

Other main features that the Exynos 1080 brings to a smartphone are HDR10 + support, 144Hz refresh rate at Full HD + resolution, support for still images up to 200 MP, and 4K Ultra HD video. The smartphone manufacturer that has confirmed to use this chipset is Vivo.

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