Signal and MeWe are the better alternative of Whatsapp1

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Signal and MeWe are the better alternative of Whatsapp

In the past few days, many Hong Kong people have added two new applications-Signal and MeWe-to replace WhatsApp and Facebook that have been used for many years. Posts and QR Codes emerged on social sharing platforms, and people rushed to tell their new accounts, calling for each other to meet again "on the other side".

What detonated this wave of immigration is WhatsApp's new privacy policy. It announced on January 4 that it will share user information with its parent company Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other group software, requiring users to agree to the new terms before February 8, otherwise, they will not be able to continue using the service. WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messaging software, with more than 2 billion users worldwide, and is one of the most commonly used communication tools in Europe, America, India, Hong Kong and many other places.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has stirred up thousands of waves with one stone, and waves of user fleeing have been staged in many countries. On January 14th, WhatsApp ushered in its first lawsuit in India, its largest market. It filed a complaint alleging that the new clause is almost equivalent to monitoring users, violating the basic rights guaranteed by the Indian Constitution, and that user data transmission and storage in foreign countries endanger national security. WhatsApp has sold front-page advertisements in more than 10 newspapers in India, emphasizing that it will respect privacy and keep the content of conversations confidential, in an effort to retain 400 million local users.

Italian regulators also criticized, on January 14 that WhatsApp did not clearly explain the changes in privacy terms to users, making it difficult to make appropriate decisions. The authorities said they were ready to intervene in the incident urgently and have also asked the EU Data Protection Commission to pay attention to the incident. Earlier this week, the Turkish Competition Authority began investigating whether WhatsApp and Facebook had illegally abused their market dominance, and prohibited the two from sharing user information before the investigation was completed.

In the face of strong backlash from many parties, WhatsApp announced that it will postpone the deadline for the implementation of the new policy to May 15 to allow users enough time to read and understand the terms.

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