12 common problems of Xiaomi / Redmi Phones and their solutions1

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12 common problems of Xiaomi / Redmi Phones and their solutions

  1. Notifications on Xiaomi Smartphone do not appear
    Sometimes application notifications do not appear as in the Line application, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. That's all because the notifications in the app may not be activated.
    Steps How to activate it:
    a- Open Settings.
    b- Click Installed Applications.
    c- Select the application for which you want to activate notifications.
    d- Activate notifications and also activate the notification sounds, vibrations, and lights.
    After these steps, the notification will appear in the application normally.

  2. Camera Problems:
    On some Xiaomi smartphones, you may face camera problems, especially if the Xiaomi smartphone is old, it will definitely be more at risk for this kind of problem.
    Dead Camera Maybe it happens because of a system error in the smartphone or it could happen due to a collision or fall and it could also be due to being fall in the water.
    The first solution to fix this is:
    a- First turn off your Xiaomi smartphone, remove the battery place it under the sun for hours and then turn it on again, try the camera, your problem might be solved, if not than continue with the next step ...
    b1- open settings
    b2- search for applications
    b3- select the camera and delete data

If you can't have to do the second way, namely by restart to factory settings, but if the second method can't, then make sure the damage is in the component of your cellphone camera that needs to be serviced.

3, The Disappearing Play Store

Problems like this usually occur because after updating a new firmware on a xiaomi cellphone. For how to bring it back, you have to download the following requirements:

- Open Mi Store first

- Then download Google by Eric Xiang.

- Also download Google Installer.

- Then download and install the Google Play Store.

4. Cannot Delete Files On SD Card

In this problem, usually you will not be able to move or delete files on the SD card, sometimes it does happen when there is an error on the SD card. However, you don't need to be confused because there is a solution, namely by:

- open settings

- then search for storage

- select SD card

- and click uninstall SD card

- after that click install SD card

- try moving / deleting your files on the SD card, if that doesn't work, maybe you can remove the SD card from the cellphone then plug it in again.

5. Cannot Install Applications in the Play Store

Sometimes, at some point, you install an application on the Play Store, sometimes there is a problem that you cannot install the application. Or there is a notification "memory is full, must delete other applications"

The solution is by:

- clear play store application data

- clear cache data on your cellphone

That way you will be able to install applications again on the play store smoothly.

6.) WhatsApp Contact Not Appearing

WhatsApp contacts that don't appear do sometimes happen on some xiaomi devices, it all happens because the contacts on your cellphone are not given permission, therefore you have to open WhatsApp contact permissions on your xiaomi cellphone.

This is done by:

- open settings

- then look for permissions

- select application permissions

- select the WhatsApp application

- and check WhatsApp contact permissions

8. Theme Changes to Chinese Suddenly

Incidents like this usually occur after you flash a new MIUI, indeed sometimes there are several problems that arise, one of the problems is the theme that suddenly changes to Chinese.

And the solution is to delete the data on your xiaomi mobile theme application, God willing, the solution will be clear.

9. The Theme Error Or Cannot Be Installed

On some xiaomi cellphones, it usually has a problem with an error theme or cannot be used (installed), and if that happens there will definitely be a feeling of disappointment and resentment in the mind.

Therefore, all that must be fixed, by opening the setting then looking for the theme application (Theme), click and deliting the application data.

this actikon can indeed make the download of the theme that you have collected disappear, but will will make your theme useable again normally.

10. No Recovery Settings

Incidents like this are usually found on xiaomi cellphones made in 2015/2016 because the reason is that the latest xiaomi cellphones that year have bootloader locked.

The solution is to unlock the bootloader, by making an unlock request on the official website, which is: http://en.miui.com/unlock/

And just follow the next steps until it's finished.

After you successfully unlock it, the next step is to install the Recovery setting with the Adb Command. Even after that, you can also root your xiaomi phone.

11. Xiaomi cell phones often lag when playing games

Children these days must really like playing on cellphones, and cellphones that are cheap and have high specifications for playing games are really good at Xiaomi.

However, many xiaomi cellphone users also complain because the cellphones they use when playing games like to lag and break, so that many are disappointed.

Take it easy friends, because in this article, Mas Brow will provide a solution so that you can play the game smoothly without any obstacles.

First, make sure you always clean the storage space on your xiaomi cellphone, so that the performance of your cellphone remains stable.


Second, just activate the turbo game feature on your xiaomi cellphone, usually in the MIUI 10 version and above there is a turbo game feature. This feature allows you to play games as comfortably as possible, you can even block incoming calls.

Third, by setting the developer options by:

- first activate the developer mode

- then look for the animation scale, and change everything to 0.5x so that your cellphone performance is faster.

Guaranteed you will feel different in the performance of your Xiaomi cellphone.

This setting is usually used by Free Fire game players.

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That way it is guaranteed to reduce the feeling of lagging on your Xiaomi cellphone and also make playing your games run smoothly without any obstacles.

12. Battery Waste

Several Xiaomi mobile users reveal that their cellphones suddenly have a wasteful battery and suddenly the battery is normal, all of which can be caused by several factors.

The first factor may be because your cellphone's email, GPS, Wifi and bluetooth sync are always active, so it will be more wasteful.


The second factor may be because your xiaomi cellphone battery is leaking or inflated, and it is damaged.

The third factor may be because your Xiaomi cellphone is indeed old and of course the battery has indeed dropped a bit.

However, if on your xiaomi cellphone there are no signs of the factors as I mentioned above. take it easy, because I will provide a solution how to deal with it, namely by way.

- Don't backup too often to Mi Account / Mi Cloud

- Don't charge the cellphone while it's in use

- Try to charge the cellphone when the cellphone is dead

- You can replace your xiaomi cellphone battery at the "cellphone counter near your house, my advice is to try to replace it with the original one so it can last longer and not one with a larger capacity because it can damage your cellphone later.

13. Appears SIM Card Activation Notification

The first problem is the emergence of SIM card activation notifications, this incident is not a big problem, but with the emergence of notifications that appear above continuously is very annoying. Even though the card we use is already active and is even normal when used when surfing.

Actually this problem is because you haven't verified your number on MiTalk (Mi Account).

The verification method is very easy, all you have to do is open the website at http://i.mi.com, then enter your number and wait for the verification SMS.

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