Create awesome videos with three simple steps1

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Create awesome videos with three simple steps

Follow 3 Simple Techniques to make an awesome video clip

To create awesome video clips with the help of the Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71, one must pay attention on 3 simple techniques so that the resulting video content is no less good than the results of a DSLR camera

Step One: Create a visual that spoils the eyes.

Lighting is an important aspect that must be considered in order to produce good quality videos. Try to find a brighter area for recording, and pay attention to sufficient distance, so that the resulting video is more clear for folks to enjoy.

You can use the main lens and sensor with 64 MP resolution with f / 1.8 openings on the Samsung Galaxy A71 or 48 MP with f / 2.0 openings on the Samsung Galaxy A51. It aims to help us produce clearer and brighter video quality.

Step Two: Convey your message with clear audio.

Recording in a clear voice is one of the keys to conveying the message in the video you are creating. Because, if the visuals we produce are good but our audio or voice is not clearly recorded, the audience will not understand the message we want to convey.

Therefore, try to record in a noise less area. In addition, you can also use the microphone accessories on the earphones included in the sales package for the Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 when creating a video blog, aka vlogging.

Step three: Put creativity in a structured story

Creativity and structure are everything. Creativity is one of the most crucial things needed at all stages of making an Awesome video. Design your storyline first in bullet points that make it easy to structure the content you want to convey.

Even create a video different locations, you still need Opening, Content, and closing. In addition, the first 7 seconds of the video is the part that compels the viewers stay and continue to watch the video or not. Enter the snippet / exclamation point of your video content at the beginning of this.

Furthermore, a simple editing process will perfect your video. No need to be confused! You can also use the Custom Filters feature found on the Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 to select the level of "warmth" in the video you want.

With the increasing consumption of social media and video content, Samsung initiated the Galaxy Creator Workshop (GCW): Be A Creator, Be Awesome You to open golden opportunities for #Galaxy users to become content creators and share inspiring content.

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