Which is the World's Best-Selling 5G Smartphone in World?1

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Which is the World's Best-Selling 5G Smartphone in World?

Counterpoint has published the latest research regarding the best-selling 5G smartphone worldwide till September 2020. Noted, Huawei has the same number of devices as Samsung in the top 10 despite facing pressure from all sides.

The report released by Counterpoint Research discussed the Top-10 5G Smartphones and their global market share in September. As we can see, this list has around seven devices from OEMs from China such as Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Honor.

This is quite reasonable considering that the expansion of 5G technology in the Bamboo Curtain country is far developing in front of many other countries. But what is surprising is the presence of Huawei, which has three devices on the list, so that it is able to match its competitor, Samsung.

To be precise, there are the Huawei P40 Pro, Nova 7, and P40, which came in second, third and fifth with a market share of 4.5%, 4.3% and 3.8%, respectively. This is a healthy trend for companies facing trade war sanctions elsewhere.

Another interesting thing and a fact that we can see together, Huawei in the Chinese market is still number one. Noted, more than 50% of 5G devices accounted for the total units sold in the 3rd quarter. Meanwhile, his sub-brand, namely Honor, also has the Honor 30S at the bottom with a 2.8% share.

Earlier this year, 5G was still available on only a few devices globally. Therefore, 5G does not penetrate deep into many countries. However, if we take the example of China, the new 5G technology was launched last October and they are now ready to push 6G as other countries struggle to better adopt 5G.

In addition, the Counterpoint Research report also shows budget smartphones such as the OPPO A72 5G and the Vivo Y70s 5G. This shows that 5G is indeed entering the affordable segment and violates the idea of ​​"premium features".

It is also said in the report that this could happen because a number of chipset manufacturers continue to compete to create a mid-range 5G SoC. The report also predicts that Apple will play a big role in commercializing 5G in North America and Europe after launching the iPhone 12 series.

So, which 5G smartphone has the highest market share? Counterpoint puts Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G at the top with a 5.0% market share. Two other Samsung devices in the Top-10 5G Smartphone are the Galaxy S20 + 5G and Note 20 5G with a market share of 4.0% and 2.9%.

However, this is a positive trend as there are more than 200 5G models currently compared to only 50 models in Q1 2020. Overall, the growth of the 5G model has increased by 300% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the first quarter.

And as affordable 5G devices were launched, and managed to continue to attract the attention of many gadget fans, the contribution of the top 10 devices in total 5G sales has shrunk to 37% in September compared to 93% in January 2020.

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